Courtship Basket, The (Amish Heirloom Series, 2)

Author: Clipston, Amy

Category:     AFSer
Genre: Amish - Romance - Bonnet Fiction
ISBN-13:     9780310342014
ISBN-10:     0310342015
Series:    Amish Heirloom Series
Publish Date:     2016/07/19
Publisher:     Zondervan
Format/Binding:     Paperback
Retail Price:     15.99
ID Price:     12.79

A basket's history that spans generations is now bringing healing--and love--to Rachel and Mike.

Rachel Fisher is devastated when the boy she's been courting for four years leaves her for her best friend. She takes a position at a special Amish school for children with learning disabilities to keep her mind off of her pain.

A new student, six-year-old John Lantz, joins the class, and Rachel learns that his father is ill and his mother is deceased. John's brother, Mike, takes care of John and their father. When Rachel has problems getting John to pay attention and behave, she reaches out to Mike in frustration, but soon realizes she has no idea of the burdens he is carrying.

Over the next few weeks, Rachel makes progress with John's schoolwork and becomes determined to help the family, even if it's with something as simple as a meal. She begins sending food home with John in a special basket she found in her parents' attic, a basket Rachel's father gave to her mother long ago. John grows attached to Rachel, and soon she becomes close with both brothers.

Rachel and Mike's friendship is growing toward something more, but Mike doubts whether he can be a good husband because he has to care for his brother and dat. And when Rachel misinterprets a situation, her old fears of another man leaving her come to the surface, and she withdraws from Mike. Meanwhile, Mike is going through the hardest days of his life and needs his new friend by his side. Will the two be able to reconcile their past hurts with new hope for the future?
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