Simple Art of Scrapbooking: Tips, Techniques, and 30 Special Album Ideas for Creating Memories That Last a Lifetime (SRP $15.95)

Author: Guild, The Scrapbook

Category:     ANF
Genre: Arts, Crafts & Music
ISBN-13:     9780440508397
ISBN-10:     0440508398
Publish Date:     1998/01/01
Publisher:     Dell Books (Paperbacks)
Format/Binding:     Trade Paperback
Retail Price:     15.95
ID Price:     12.76

Creating a customized family heirloom is easier than you think! Now you can create a scrapbook to cherish forever--one as unique as the lives it portrays. This comprehensive source book, produced by the experts at the Scrapbook Guild, will answer all your questions and take you step by step through the process of assembling a homemade work of art. Even if you have no artistic ability, you will learn how to make scrapbooks so full of style, so engaging, they beg to be shared with others, and where turning the pages is as fascinating as walking through a miniature museum. The Scrapbook Guild provides expert tips, professional layouts, and instructions for using original quality materials to produce a treasure that will last for individual as your own memories. Discover:
  • How to get started
  • Best-for-your-money materials--pens, paper, scissors, album types, and more
  • Remedies for common scrapbook problems
  • Layouts and cropping
  • Border designs, illustrations, textured backgrounds
  • Storage tips
  • Arrangements for items other than photos, such as report cards, sports medals, pressed flowers, business cards, or airline tickets
  • How to hold a scrapbooking bee or get-together
A tremendous resource section--with complete ordering information. Plus Great Scrapbook Ideas: Wedding * New House * Family Tree * Anniversary * Travel * Pet Layouts and Models for 30 Theme Books!
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