Good Book Cookbook

Author: Goodman, Naomi

Category:     ANF
Genre: Cookbook
ISBN-13:     9780800717063
ISBN-10:     0800717066
Publish Date:     1995/09/01
Publisher:     Baker Publishing Group
Format/Binding:     Hardcover
Retail Price:     19.99
ID Price:     15.99

From the Publisher: More recipes with specially commissioned photos invite readers to enter Bible times through the kitchen door. The authors have recreated the recipes for everything from Rebekah's stew and Esau's pottage, to what Jesus might have eaten at the wedding feast at Cana. Full-color photos.

Publishers Weekly:
This collaboration by a writer on biblical subjects (Goodman), freelance writer (Marcus) and professional cook (Woolhandler)with a preface by a professor of biblical archeology offers a ``cuisine based on the Bible's many references to cooking and eating, generally amid settings of great rejoicing in the gift of food from God.'' The authors developed recipes for specific dishes mentioned in the Bible (Rebekah's savory stew, Sarah's bread) and menus for such events as an Essenian vegetarian meal, Passover seder and Roman banquet. Although the premise is contrived, the Middle Eastern meat, poultry, fish, fruit, vegetable, grain and bean dishes, breads, desserts, cheeses and yogurts are generally healthful and inventive. Readers will have to swallow a decidedly Christian perspective and some exotic recipes (pigeon quiche, grilled marinated quail), but those who've wondered what kind of dish prompted Esau to sell his birthright may find some answers.

BOMC/Cooking & Crafts Club alternate: According to Bery, a cooking instructor and chef-owner of Another Season restaurant in Boston, this book exists partly because ``so very many people'' have asked for her recipes. It's easy to see why. Her repertoire includes an abundance of sophisticated, innovative dishesbasics, appetizers, soups, breads, seafood, meat, poultry and vegetarian entrees, salads, vegetables and dessertsemphasizing fresh, seasonal ingredients. Vegetarian moussaka, dill mousseline and pork-loin moldavienne attest to international culinary influences, while an array of seafood dishes, such as chilled crabmeat corn soup and sole cala llonga, reminds readers that Another Season is located in a seaport. Recipes are graded according to difficulty, and there is no shortage of challenges. And, although not exclusively for the expert chef, this volume certainly is for the serious one. While even a number of the ``easy'' recipes are described as ``time consuming,'' some can be prepared at least partially in advance. Illustrations not seen by PW. (September)

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