Selfish Faith

Author: Warren, Rick (Foreword by) Ryan Thomas Holladay

Category:     ANF
Genre: Religion / Christian Life / Spiritual Growth
ISBN-13:     9780801074868
ISBN-10:     080107486X
Publish Date:     2018/04/03
Publisher:     Baker Publishing Group
Format/Binding:     Paperback
Retail Price:     14.99
ID Price:     11.99

With careful reasoning and biblical support, pastor Ryan Holladay helps readers discover that self-interest--the desire to seek their own good and to avoid their own harm--is a legitimate and spiritually acceptable motive that can glorify God and be harnessed for good. Selfish. It's a word that has zero positive connotations, especially among people of faith. Christians are supposed to be other-focused, even to the point of neglecting themselves in the process . . . right? Pastor and provocateur Ryan Holladay wants to challenge that clich? and restore healthy self-interest to a respectable place in our vocabulary. He points out that throughout the Bible there are always three reasons for taking the right action, each intertwined and equally valid: love for others, love for God, and love for oneself. With careful reasoning and equally careful Bible study, Holladay helps us discover that the potent, naturally occurring drive of self-interest--the desire to seek our own good and avoid our own harm--is a perfectly legitimate and spiritually acceptable motive after all. Once we start seeing self-interest as a God-given resource that can be harnessed for good, we find a whole new set of reasons for pushing ourselves further in the life of faith.
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