Rifleman, The [Hardcover]

Author: North, Oliver

Category:     AFSgl
Genre: Historical - Adventure
ISBN-13:     9781501109638
ISBN-10:     1501109634
Publish Date:     2019/05/03
Publisher:     Simon & Schuster
Format/Binding:     Hardcover
Retail Price:     26.00
ID Price:     20.80

New York Times bestselling author and decorated war veteran Oliver North captures the grueling reality of the Revolutionary War in this action-packed historical thriller.

The man who has been there, done that in other wars immerses you in a ripping saga of courage, tenacity, and intrigue torn from the pages of a Revolutionary War soldier's journal. Nathaniel Newman is a volunteer with Morgan's Riflemen, an elite infantry unit of Virginia sharpshooters who fought with the cutting-edge military technology of the day: long rifles. As North turns the pages of Nathaniel's captivating diary, he reveals how the struggle to forge a new, independent nation was nearly lost by traitors, cowards, and the faint of heart. Brother against brother, friend against friend, neighbor against neighbor, this sweeping and meticulously researched novel of our nation's fight for liberty explores the bravery and perseverance of those who fought and won the bloody battles-and how treachery and betrayal threatened victory in a brutal test of arms.
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