Encyclopedia of Insects And Spiders: An Essential Guide to Insects and Spiders of North America and the World

Author: Preston-Mafham, Rod

Category:     ANF
Genre: Nature
ISBN-13:     9781592234288
ISBN-10:     1592234283
Series:    Essential Guide Collection
Publish Date:     2005/01/01
Publisher:     Thunder Bay Press
Format/Binding:     Hardcover
Retail Price:     17.95
ID Price:     14.36

Encyclopedia of Insects and Spiders describes and illustrates fifty-one groups of insects and spiders. In addition, two articles introduce the basic biology and natural history of insects and spiders, respectively. Their form and natural history are more varied than any other group of animals alive today. The beauty of butterflies, moths, and dragonflies is in marked contrast to the alien-looking forms of some bugs, scorpions, and spiders. There are hoverflies that look like bees, ants that look like wasps, and even nonpoisonous butterflies that deter predators by resembling unrelated butterflies, which are, in fact, poisonous to their predators. This book provides a fascinating exploration into this remarkable group of animals.
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