Letters to Doubting Thomas: A Case for the Existence of God

Author: Layman, C. Stephen

Category:  ANF
Item Number:  9780195308143
ISBN-13: 019530814X
Publication Date:  2006/10/01
Format/Binding:  Hardcover
Publisher:  Oxford University Press, USA
Retail Price:  26.00
ID Price:  20.80

Letters to Doubting Thomas constitutes a clear cumulative case for Theism...thus the book could be enjoyed, as well as understood, by beginners in the subject, and enjoyed whatever their religious beliefs or lack of them. Tim Mawson, Ars Disputandi Journal

This is the best book of its kind that I have ever seen--a significant accomplishment and a major contribution. There is a substantial need for works on this subject that are accessible and engaging for everyday readers and undergraduates, but without compromising the integrity of the philosophical arguments. Letters to Doubting Thomas does both.--Noel Hendrickson, James Madison University

The book is exceptionally clearly written. It presents difficult arguments and concepts without undue technicality, but without sacrificing accuracy. It is a fresh, lively, up-to-date defense of theism.--Wesley Morriston, University of Colorado, Boulder