Nora's Ark

Author: Hilb, Nora (Illustrated by) Eileen Spinelli

Category:  CSgl
Item Number:  9780310761440
ISBN-13: 0310761441
Publication Date:  2018/04/24
Format/Binding:  Board Book
Publisher:  HarperCollins Publishers
Retail Price:  8.99
ID Price:  7.19

Featuring whimsical illustrations by Nora Hilb, bestselling author Eileen Spinelli captures the hearts and minds of children everywhere with this charming tale that introduces young readers to a new heroine as well as the beloved Bible story. The weatherman predicted rain. So Nora built an ark. Just like Noah. Well ? not just like Noah. He used wood. Nora used a broken attic chair, some dusty boxes, and three old fence slats. And so the story goes as little Nora uses her big imagination and real-life objects found in and around her home to follow in Noah's footsteps. This unique story gives the classic Bible story a contemporary twist. Nora's Ark will stand out in a sea of Noah books, providing parents with a premium picture book that entertains their child and connects them to a strong heroine. Written by critically acclaimed author Eileen Spinelli, this padded cover board book is sure to become a classic with audiences everywhere.