Dinner for Dinos: Gulp, Guzzle, Chomp, Chew [Board Book]

Author: Whitehouse, Ben

Category:  CSgl
Item Number:  9781400312146
ISBN-13: 1400312140
Publication Date:  2018/06/05
Format/Binding:  Board Book
Publisher:  HarperCollins Publishers
Retail Price:  9.99
ID Price:  7.99

Dinner for Dinos: Gulp, Guzzle, Chomp, Chew by Ben Whitehouse

Dinner doesn't have to be a disaster - just ask the dinos! Your kiddos will love this silly story about a rambunctious crew of dinosaurs who are making mealtime extra fun while learning how to grow up healthy and strong by eating all sorts of yummy foods.

Mealtime can be challenging with little ones, and Dinner for Dinos is a fun, exciting way to show your kids that eating healthy foods to grow big and strong doesn't have to be yucky or scary.

My mom says those who eat good foods

Will grow up big and strong.

I'm eating all the greens I can

To make my tail grow long!

Children everywhere will love joining goofy Stego, Bronto, Raptor, and Rex as they help make dinner, say their prayers, and clean their plates, making mealtime the best part of the day!