Death of a Jester (Branigan Powers Mystery Series, 3)

Author: Richardson-Moore, Deb

Category:  AFSer
Item Number:  9781782642640
ISBN-13: 1782642641
Series:  Branigan Powers Mystery Series
Publication Date:  2018/05/18
Format/Binding:  Paperback
Publisher:  Kregel Publications - Lion Fiction
Retail Price:  14.99
ID Price:  11.99

The police cannot decide if the clown sightings reported around Grambling pose a threat or are just a hoax. That is, until a young homeless boy is lured away from his parents in the dead of night. Malachi has been dreaming of the little boy he could not save in Afghanistan. He is pulled between the deep need to drink and drown his past and his desire to try and help save the little boy who was snatched from Tent City, under his nose. Then a man dressed in a clown's outfit is found bludgeoned to death. Brangian reports and watches in horror as the crime is connected to her property and members of her own family are once again suspects. Can Branigan and Malachi help to bring the truth to light before the little boy is harmed, and before the wrong person is convicted of murder...

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