Ultimate Book of Diabetic Cooking
Author: Jones, Bridget
The essential guide for diabetics with an expert introduction to nutrition and healthy eating - plus 150 delicious recipes shown step-by-step in 700 fabulous photographs Special features on children, seniors and gestational diabetes Great low-fat, low-sugar, low-carbohydrate recipes that are easy to make Health, culinary and dietary advice for people with type 1 and 2 diabetes.
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Fat Free Vegetarian
Over 180 delicious easy-to-make low-fat and no-fat recipes for healthy meat-free meals with over 750 step-by-step color photographs.
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Low-Fat No-Fat Thai & South-East Asian Cookbook
Bamforth offers step-by-step instructions with full photographs for over 190 low-fat or no-fat Thai and Souh-East Asian dishes.
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Complete Baking
Author: Day, Martha
This is a great book with great recipes. I had been looking for a book that explained how to Bake like a professional, this was a weakness in my cooking attempts. This Book has been an enormous help and my Baking has improved 100%. and I am trying every recipe. Every recipe is explained in words that are simple and easy to understand. I purchased 2 of them and sent one to my granddaughter who loves it. -- The Cookbook Collector, Feb 2009.
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Callilgraphy, Stroke-by-Stroke
Author: Moring, Annie
Eleven calligraphic alphabets illustrated with a combo of photos and diagrams. Calligraphy ranges from functional inscriptions and hand lettering to fine art pieces where the expression of the handwritten mark may take precedence over the legibility of the letters. Learn the techiques of well-crafted calligraphy, while learning to appreciate the art form.
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On the Nature of Food Allergy
This book is a must-read for anyone interested in food allergy, especially for parents or patients who have food allergy! It is an A-to-Z compendium of information regarding the increasing problem of food allergy and the real risk for severe, life-threatening reactions. -Frank J. Twarog, MD, PhD, associate clinical professor, Harvard Medical School

This manual is written in an extremely readable style for different levels of understanding. It is the right book about the right subject and certainly appears at the right time. For anyone involved with food allergy, it is a must. -Michael H. Mellon, MD, associate clinical professor, University of California-San Diego School of Medicine

Most useful as an introductory reference resource for consumer health collections and as an overall reference resource on the multifaceted, complex nature of food allergies. -Library Journal

This manual is truly a smorgasbord of tasty morsels of information that should be slowly and carefully digested by all those interested in the field of food allergy. -William E. Berger, MD, MBA, clinical professor, department of pediatrics, University of California-Irvine, and author, Asthma for Dummies

I have never seen information on food allergy presented in this way and also never before encountered such a complete compilation of applicable and useful facts about food allergy. -Phil Lieberman, MD, clinical professor of medicine and pediatrics, University of Tennessee

A fascinating m?lange of history, culture, human interest and personal anecdotes, all told in a breezy, comfortable, and reassuring style. -Michael Young, MD,asssistant clinical professor of pediatrics, Harvard Medical School, and author, The Peanut Allergy Answer Book

Rich in background information about foods that is not found in other food allergy books. . . . A unique and tremendously interesting book for those with and without food allergies. -Anne Munoz-Furlong, founder and CEO, The Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Network

From how to immediately recognize and treat an extreme allergic reaction to tips on how food allergy sufferers may lead normal lives, this A-to-Z guide informs sufferers themselves as well as those around them how to deal with this often deadly condition. With information on the escalating number of food allergy incidences each year and how to determine whether or not the condition really is food allergy related, the narrative examines all aspects of the issue in an easy-to-read, layperson's tone. In addition to identifying and addressing specific food allergies-cow's milk, hen's egg, wheat, peanut and legume, tree nut, seed and spice, seafood, fruit and vegetable-as well as food additive reactions, the handy guide provides a series of true-life stories to further illustrate the often heartbreaking risks of allergic reactions to these foods. This comprehensive personal and public health resource also offers insight into cuisines and restaurants likely to be risky, as well as hints on ways to eat out safely.

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Just 100 Calories
Author: Cooper, Mike
Just 100 Calories is the perfect book to help you eat a healthy and balanced diet. It provides a range of practical and delicious calorie-counted recipes, so you can see at a glance exactly how many calories there are in each dish. Among the carefully chosen recipes are spicy fish dishes, exotic chicken meals, some favorite meat recipes, as well as delicious vegetarian suggestions.
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Secret Gospel of Mark Unveiled: Imagined Rituals of Sex, Death, and Madness in a Biblical Forgery
Author: Jeffery, Peter
The discussion of the `Secret Gospel' has involved a generation of scholars of the New Testament and early Christianity. Jeffery's book-argued with enormous erudition, careful judgment, sensitivity, and balance-sets the discussion on an entirely new footing.-Harold W. Attridge, Yale Divinity School (Harold W. Attridge )

Peter Jeffery's book proves beyond a reasonable doubt that Morton Smith forged the discovered text. It demonstrates that he had the scholarly expertise, the wit, the sense of humor, and above all the motivation to do so.-Adela Yarbro Collins, Yale Divinity School (Adela Yarbro Collins )

In 1958, Bible scholar Morton Smith announced the discovery of a sensational manuscript-a second-century letter written by St. Clement of Alexandria, who quotes an unknown, longer version of the Gospel of Mark. When Smith published the letter in 1973, he set off a firestorm of controversy that has raged ever since. Is the text authentic, or a hoax? Is Smith's interpretation correct? Did Jesus really practice magic, or homosexuality? And if the letter is a forgery . . . why? Through close examination of the discovered manuscript's text, Peter Jeffery unravels the answers to the mystery and tells the tragic tale of an estranged Episcopalian priest who forged an ancient gospel and fooled many of the best biblical scholars of his time. Jeffery shows convincingly that Smith's Secret Gospel is steeped in anachronisms and that its construction was influenced by Oscar Wilde's Salom?, twentieth-century misunderstandings of early Christian liturgy, and Smith's personal struggles with Christian sexual morality.

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Historica: 1000 Years of Our Lives and Times
Author: Strang, G. Bruce
Historica explores the evolution of the world and of people?s lives over the last thousand years, and shows how dramatically the world has changed from era to era.

In the year 1000, most people lived in rural areas; cities were centred around cathedrals or fortresses; transport was by horse; most of the population couldn?t read. The world is a different place today, and Historica demonstrates the ways that changes have happened. Historica takes a close look at the wars, inventions, explorations and the fascinating people who have played a key role in the major events of the world.

Examining the world from 1000 through to 2006, Historica is divided into eras. Within each era, there are four significant streams of information:

  • ? Milestone events: politics, rulers, exploration, wars, disasters, abdication and coronations.
  • ? The Arts: painting, literature, music, dance, architecture, theatre and film.
  • ? Science: inventions, discoveries, chemistry, medicine, geology and astrology.
  • ? Lifestyle: fashion, food, entertainment, social trends, sport, education, fads and eccentricities.
Extensive maps, illustrations and photographs highlight key events: the 100 Years War; the voyages of Christopher Columbus, Captain Cook and other explorers; the campaigns of World War I and World War II; the achievements of the Canadian Fathers of Confederation; and much more.
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Complete Guide to Calligraphy: Master Scripts of the West and East, Step-by-Step with 45 Projects
The perfect addition to any general-interest public library holding. (Diane C. Donovan The Midwest Book Review: Library Bookwatch 20061209)

An all-encompassing ... essential book ... Beautiful to look at and fascinating to read. (Decorating Digest Craft Home Projects 20061202)

This gorgeous, practical book is the ultimate reference to the key scripts of the world. (Globe and Mail 20061201)

This handsome and thorough instruction guide would make a lovely gift for anyone interested in calligraphy. (Jane Harrison Calgary Herald 20070211)

Brings [an] ancient art...into the modern era. (Samara O'Shea Country Living Holidays )

A detailed, in-depth reference not to be missed... more than a casual treatment of calligraphy. (James A. Cox The Midwest Book Review: California Bookwatch )

The most comprehensive guide to learning the art of calligraphy. This step-by-step handbook to the ancient art of beautiful lettering includes the key scripts of the world: Europe's major Roman alphabets (including Versal and Copperplate), Greek, Cyrillic, Hebrew, Arabic, Chinese and Japanese. Each of the 14 script-technique sections contains a wealth of information and instruction, including:

  • - Letter anatomy
  • - Pen techniques and control
  • - Pens, brushes and nibs
  • - Stroke sequences
  • - Paper and other media
  • - Left-handed techniques
  • - Inks, paints and metallics
  • - Common mistakes and problem-solving tips.
There are 50 authentic projects such as a kabbalah prayer in Hebrew, a fabric bag with Bedouin motif, an illuminated Celtic prayer, and a hope, love and joy talisman in Chinese. Whether for learning this ancient skill or for crafting personalized cards and gifts, this book celebrates the sage advice of calligraphers worldwide: The joy of calligraphy lies in its practical aspect.
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