Historica: 1000 Years of Our Lives and Times

Author: Strang, G. Bruce

Category:     ANF
Genre: History
ISBN-13:     9781551929774
ISBN-10:     1551929775
Publish Date:     2006/10/31
Publisher:     Raincoast Book Dist Ltd
Format/Binding:     Hardcover
Retail Price:     95.00
ID Price:     76.00

Historica explores the evolution of the world and of people?s lives over the last thousand years, and shows how dramatically the world has changed from era to era.

In the year 1000, most people lived in rural areas; cities were centred around cathedrals or fortresses; transport was by horse; most of the population couldn?t read. The world is a different place today, and Historica demonstrates the ways that changes have happened. Historica takes a close look at the wars, inventions, explorations and the fascinating people who have played a key role in the major events of the world.

Examining the world from 1000 through to 2006, Historica is divided into eras. Within each era, there are four significant streams of information:

  • Milestone events: politics, rulers, exploration, wars, disasters, abdication and coronations.
  • The Arts: painting, literature, music, dance, architecture, theatre and film.
  • Science: inventions, discoveries, chemistry, medicine, geology and astrology.
  • Lifestyle: fashion, food, entertainment, social trends, sport, education, fads and eccentricities.
Extensive maps, illustrations and photographs highlight key events: the 100 Years War; the voyages of Christopher Columbus, Captain Cook and other explorers; the campaigns of World War I and World War II; the achievements of the Canadian Fathers of Confederation; and much more.
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