Complete Guide to Calligraphy: Master Scripts of the West and East, Step-by-Step with 45 Projects
The perfect addition to any general-interest public library holding. (Diane C. Donovan The Midwest Book Review: Library Bookwatch 20061209)

An all-encompassing ... essential book ... Beautiful to look at and fascinating to read. (Decorating Digest Craft Home Projects 20061202)

This gorgeous, practical book is the ultimate reference to the key scripts of the world. (Globe and Mail 20061201)

This handsome and thorough instruction guide would make a lovely gift for anyone interested in calligraphy. (Jane Harrison Calgary Herald 20070211)

Brings [an] ancient art...into the modern era. (Samara O'Shea Country Living Holidays )

A detailed, in-depth reference not to be missed... more than a casual treatment of calligraphy. (James A. Cox The Midwest Book Review: California Bookwatch )

Product Description:
The most comprehensive guide to learning the art of calligraphy. This step-by-step handbook to the ancient art of beautiful lettering includes the key scripts of the world: Europe's major Roman alphabets (including Versal and Copperplate), Greek, Cyrillic, Hebrew, Arabic, Chinese and Japanese. Each of the 14 script-technique sections contains a wealth of information and instruction, including:

  • - Letter anatomy
  • - Pen techniques and control
  • - Pens, brushes and nibs
  • - Stroke sequences
  • - Paper and other media
  • - Left-handed techniques
  • - Inks, paints and metallics
  • - Common mistakes and problem-solving tips.
There are 50 authentic projects such as a kabbalah prayer in Hebrew, a fabric bag with Bedouin motif, an illuminated Celtic prayer, and a hope, love and joy talisman in Chinese. Whether for learning this ancient skill or for crafting personalized cards and gifts, this book celebrates the sage advice of calligraphers worldwide: The joy of calligraphy lies in its practical aspect.
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Letters to Doubting Thomas: A Case for the Existence of God
Author: Layman, C. Stephen
Letters to Doubting Thomas constitutes a clear cumulative case for Theism...thus the book could be enjoyed, as well as understood, by beginners in the subject, and enjoyed whatever their religious beliefs or lack of them. Tim Mawson, Ars Disputandi Journal

This is the best book of its kind that I have ever seen--a significant accomplishment and a major contribution. There is a substantial need for works on this subject that are accessible and engaging for everyday readers and undergraduates, but without compromising the integrity of the philosophical arguments. Letters to Doubting Thomas does both.--Noel Hendrickson, James Madison University

The book is exceptionally clearly written. It presents difficult arguments and concepts without undue technicality, but without sacrificing accuracy. It is a fresh, lively, up-to-date defense of theism.--Wesley Morriston, University of Colorado, Boulder

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Spies and Espionage : A Directory
Author: Hearn, Chester
Step into the cloak-and-dagger world of the spy, where secret missions, code names, and undercover operations are all part of the job description. Uncover the secrets of legendary spies throughout history, from Mata Hari to Allan Pinkerton.

Spies and Espionage, a Directory is a thrilling account of legendary spies throughout history, including Allan Pinkerton, the Godfather of Sleuths and founder of the first detective agency, and Nancy Wake, The White Mouse, who was Number One on the Gestapo's Most Wanted List with a price of five-million francs on her head. Each spy's deep, dark secrets are revealed with plenty of fascinating biographical information, while archival photographs help shed light on these shadowy individuals. A unique graphic feature is the Spy Dossier, which details each spy's affiliations, code names, and secret data. This is a must-have for Mata Haris and James Bonds everywhere.

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Hidden Treasures of Antiquity
Author: Siliotti , Alberto
The great megalithic monuments in Britain and Ireland, the Etruscan metropolises, the Treasure of Agamemnon, the Great pyramid of Cheops and the tomb of Tutankhamun, the terracotta army of the first emperor of China and the burial grounds of the Lords of Sipan: this extraordinary book explores them all.
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Encyclopedia of Birds (Two Volume Set)
Author: Clements, Kenny
Richly enhanced by hundreds of bright, close-up photographs, ands intricate drawings and diagrams, this incredible 2-volume set is sure to fascinate bird lovers of all ages. Packed with valuable information, this extraordinary 1000-page collection contains details, fun facts and sidebar information on 500 fascinating birds.
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Forgotten Power: Byzantium: Bulwark of Christianity
Author: Kean, Roger Michael
The period of Byzantine power is one of the major epochs in world history. This empire, controlled by the extraordinary metropolis of Constantinople, was for many centuries the centre of Christendom, the mistress of the Mediterranean, and the symbol for all the rest of the world of splendour, wealth and cultural ascendancy. The Byzantine period spans from the ancient classical world of the Roman empire until the dawn of the Renaissance, and throughout the medieval era remained a source of constancy. However, the empire's history is one of constant upheaval, glittering emperors who ranged from the brilliant to the completely mad, and a hotbed of theological controversy. From the politics to art, and military action to the lives of ordinary citizens, Forgotten Power ? Byzantium ? Bulwark of Christianity brings this fascinating story into brilliant focus and reminds us of how much the subsequent events of European and Middle-Eastern history owe to Byzantium's influence.
  • Underpins the social, economic, and religious trends that sustained an empire for 800 years
  • Over 70 colour maps help to untangle the rapidly changing state of Byzantine fortunes
  • Tremendous historical detail presented in a lively and entertainingly narrative text
  • Contemporary pictures bring the events to life
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Paint Effects Masterclass
Author: Cohen, Sacha
Find out how to transform an interior with a fabulous range of easy-to-achieve paint finishes, along with expert advice on choosing the right tools and materials, in Paint Effects Master Class. Clear and concise instructions, combined with full color, step by step photography, take you through more than 50 different paint treatments.
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Icons of Garden Design
Author: Holmes, Caroline
From Booklist: Part of a series that recognizes influential examples of excellence in the worlds of film, architecture, fashion, and photography, this lavishly photographed volume traces the history of gardens back to 300 B.C., and in doing so presents an ode to the eons-long marriage between horticulture and hardscape. If garden design is arguably enjoying its heyday at present, then the format here is particularly fitting. Equal treatment--a two-page spread--is given to every sort of earthly paradise, with an international team of garden historians coming together to provide the appropriate context for each individual monument. Spanning everything from an ancient Buddhist monastery in Sri Lanka to Florentine villas, Japanese temples, glorious English landscapes, and modern settings created by Luis Barragan in Mexico and Thomas Church in California, the book emphasizes an encompassing perspective that promises to entrance devotees of garden art. Alice Joyce
Copyright ? American Library Association. All rights reserved

'Gardening' declared the London Times recently, 'is the new sex', and certainly interest in horticulture has never been more fervered. The latest in Prestel's highly successful Icons series looks at the masterpieces of garden design and how they have influenced our understading of this ancient and complex art.

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Essential Kitchen : Basic Tools, Recipes, and Tips for a Complete Kitchen
Author: McFadden, Christine
A must-have reference for those setting up their first kitchen, updating a ktichen, or just learning to cook, the Essential Kitchen provides expert guidance on topics such as the advantages of using copper, cast iron, or nonstick pots and pans; the purposes of different types of knives, and techniques for chopping herbs. As an added bonus, recipes from some of the world's best-known chefs are featured throughout. The plastic cover and wire binding make the format unique and practical for constant reference and guidance.

About the Author: Christine McFadden is a member of the Guild of Food Writers and the author of ten cookbooks. She also writes for various consumer publications and works as a kitchen designer.

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Illustrated History of the Civil War (SRP $39.95)
Author: Miller, William J.
From Booklist: This visually stunning history traces the evolution of the Civil War from grandiose antebellum posturing to pervasive post-war despair. Accompanied by more than 700 illustrations, 23 essays cover a variety of topics, including the horrific realities of the battlefield, the gruesome responsibilities of the field surgeons, the plight of the common soldier, the crucial decisions of individual commanders, and the inevitable collapse of the Confederate cause. Though each separate article contains a wealth of insightful information, the entire narrative is held together by a compelling array of photographs, sketches, paintings, cartoons, posters, and maps that effectively capture and communicate the glory and the trauma of the most tragic and catastrophic conflict in American history. Another superb illustrated history from Time-Life Books. Margaret Flanagan
Copyright ? American Library Association. All rights reserved

Book Description: Culled from the finest archival collections, this extraordinary assembly of photographs, maps, cartoons, sketches, and paintings vividly illustrates the everyday lives of soldiers during the Civil War - from harsh realities to baseball tournaments between regiments. AN ILLUSTRATED HISTORY OF THE CIVIL WAR depicts cavalry, medicine, spies, special regiments, important political documents, the struggle for emancipation, and the dark road to peace. Includes more than 1,000 images, many of them never previously published.

  • Includes more than 1,000 images, many of them previously unpublished, of battles, military personalities, uniforms, arms, and other objects
  • Beautifully designed and image-driven so that it is a visual narrative
  • Extensive, informative introduction
  • Includes complete battle ans skirmish chronology, plus an appendix on National Park Service Civil War sites
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